What To Do With Life

Figuring out what you want to be after you grow up requires a lot of things. In this piece, I want to speak to two of them: What do you want to do? What would it take to get there? Since I have worked through this process with my vocation, Continue Reading

How To Plan Your Life

Q: What’s a person to do to survive, let alone thrive in this environment? The mere fact that we have to ask that question is unsettling, scary and frustrating, because it is something we never anticipated we’d have to answer when we finished school. Most of us prepared hard for Continue Reading

@vascomaio incorporates ocean current patterns into many of his…

@vascomaio incorporates ocean current patterns into many of his pieces, and this mural is no exception! – Many thanks to the artist for uploading this to our website! Upload your work for a chance to be featured! – #globalstreetart #streetart #art #urbanart #outdoorart #wallart #mural #murals #graffiti #streetartistry https://www.instagram.com/p/BjGIByllY3_/